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.... to my world! It's a space of creativity, passion, and joy. Thank you for taking time out of your world to venture into mine, however long or brief your visit may be. I do hope you enjoy what you find here.

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My Story

This site is a long time in the works. I began painting as a creative wanting to explore something new, and it quickly became something I enjoyed, then something therapeutic, and now it is something that is a part of my day to day life, having evolved into a passion that has slowly taken over my home (I'm running out of space to put paintings!). 


Among my other joys are reading, singing, playing and teaching violin, calligraphy, spending time with friends and family, and walks both long and short with Koda, my beautiful and sweet chocolate lab. 

Figuring out the post production side of things has been a learning curve, though exciting and fun in itself. I am in the process of making prints of my artwork available for sale in person, as well as, in the near future, online.

If you are interested in the original canvas of any of my pieces, please let me know, and we may be able to make that happen, too. ;)

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