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My pieces vary from small canvases to large gallery wrapped. I use acrylic paints mixed with different mediums, and a plethora of tools and techniques, sometimes more than one, to yield the results you see in my gallery. Every piece is a work of love, each final result a bit of surprise, even to myself.

Once I'm done painting, I allow each piece to dry in place before moving from the work table, then wait (so hard to do!) a few weeks at least to cure before protecting it with a varnish (matte, satin, or gloss, depending on what best compliments each unique work.

In the meantime, once dry, I photograph each piece with aDSLR camera, upload it to my computer, and then go through my editing process to make a quality print. Sometimes, once I have that, I might make another print that is embellished in some way other digitally, or by hand once printed, to add interest and a unique touch. Each physical print is signed by me, as well as numbered if it is part of a limited series. 

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